Remote Training Program

What is it?

The Catchers Central remote training program is uniquely designed to bridge the functionality and feel of an in-person lesson with the accessibility to meet you where you are and adaptability to meet your ever-changing schedule. Centered around proven core training principles for skill development, this personalized monthly training program takes at home training to a new level.

By blending teaching in areas of both the mental and physical, you’re able to not only train the body but the mind to help maximize your in game performance all right from the comfort of your own home or cage!

What to expect

  • Roughly 7 hrs/ month of instruction and interaction (roughly $70/hr of personalized, professional, 1-1 development!)
  • Facetime/zoom sessions, In-person lessons, Personalized program building, Phone calls, Video reviews, and Weekly check-ins
  • Monthly Session Breakdown:
    • 2 – face time lessons 
    • 1 – “Session Recap”
      • A review of the video from the past weeks training sessions for your program
      • Review of game footage
        • To see how drills/training is translating to in game and show correlations
        • To understand how to properly use information to develop proper in game strategy,  as well as assess information post at bats/innings to learn, grow, and move on
    • 1 – in person lesson
      • If schedule allows
      • If you are not able to make in person session, we will substitute 1 facetime lesson
    • Monthly personalized training program
      • A progressive based curriculum built to fit your schedule to help maximize your available practice time during the week to ensure meaningful practice is taking place so development can occur
      • Video each session to send for review. 
    • Monthly Check-in phone call
      • Discuss program and its implementation.  Discuss positives to continue doing as well as any points that we need to solve for. 
    • Weekly check-ins 
      • Designed for questions or help as well as accountability for athlete


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